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Oct 06 2011

US trip, part 11

I slept poorly last night due to not being used to the place, the ceiling fan noise, and the place, though it’s quiet enough; only the occasional freight train breaks the rhythm of the crickets. My parents aren’t used to the idea of wifi and the Internet on one’s phone, and see wifi as a kind of appliance that you only turn on to do something, like a toaster. And they have a magnificent toaster.

We drove downtown to have lunch at a grand Mexican restaurant located in an old furniture store, the central atrium open to the patterned ceiling above. Afterwards we drove around the area looking at houses, houses and more houses, including the one where my father was literally born, where he played with the other kids in an empty lot, the house in which I remember my grandparents living, etc.

Back at the house, I spent a couple of hours leafing through old yearbooks. My parents have pretty much thrown most of my stuff out, which they claim was with my permission, though I don’t recall that. I also went through several old photobooks, selecting a few here and there to scan onto my USB drive. Some are old and faded, and will need some color adjustments.

I went out with dad when he walked the dogs around the block; it’s a very quiet neighborhood, mostly older people, mostly white with some Indians and one Chinese family down the block. We ate dinner while watching Wheel! Of! Fortune! (hosted by ageless aliens) and then watched some British cop shows.

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