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Absolutely Not Your Monkey

Sep 01 2011


I was walking up Bo-ai Road around noon yesterday when I came across an unusual scene: Squatting on the pavement right in front of me was a naked individual, using the fruit store’s hose to take an impromptu shower on the street. My instincts had me taking photos before my brain mumbled something about this possibly not being the best idea. I walked past and around the front to get a better view, and saw that the bathing individual was actually a middle-aged woman who seemed completely oblivious to the stares she was receiving.

A man collecting recycling rode up to the bathing woman on his bicycle and began shouting at her. “Seriously?” He yelled. “You are actually taking a bath, stark naked on the streets? This is the kind of impression you want to make?” He spied me watching and addressed me. “Oh, this is hilarious, ” he said, disgusted.

Just as I was wondering if the police at the station across the street would notice the spectacle, a policewoman wearing a uniform a couple of sizes too big for her came over. “What’s going on here?” She demanded, though it was pretty obvious what was going on. She began haranguing the naked woman, who began to don her clothes; it seemed that she was not quite all there, mentally. Although I wanted to shoot more, I figured not becoming involved in the situation was fairly high on my list of things to do that day, so I moved on. A couple of blocks away, I could still hear the derisive shouts of the recycling man.

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