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Sep 04 2011

Finger practice

Mr.V and NL Guy were practicing an unusual style today; one would push only the other’s hand or even just one finger with one hand. Teacher X told me it was a type of practice one should definitely keep within our own group, as it’s very easy to get hurt that way. He demonstrated a few of these tricks, and it reminded me of some of the hand-to-hand combat techniques I learned in the army and then completely forgot.

As I’m working two jobs now and have much less free time these days, I don’t get to exercise in the mornings as I used to be able to; no more hill climbing or even just walking about, and I think this is bad for me. Not much I can do about that for now other than taking lots of breaks and walking around at work. Tai-chi feels especially good, though, after so much time sitting on my ass.

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