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Mar 15 2007

Show, design

It’s been a while since our last show, but the Muddy Basin Ramblers will be back on stage at Bliss Saturday night from around 10pm, in celebration not only of St. Patrick’s Day (I assume someone in the band has Irish blood) but primarily to celebrate our friend Chris’ entry into the real adult world, i.e. her 30th birthday. We’ve been concentrating on the album for so long it might be kind of strange to go back to stage stuff, but I’m sure we’ll manage.

I’ve been making some small changes to this page. I added a little bit of code that creates little pop-up versions of the websites links lead to if you mouseover them. I found it when I last visited Tinmanic’s page and liked the idea of more than just plain ALT text, so I included it on this page as well as my links page. If it drives you crazy and just gets in the way of your reading, let me know.

My archives are now available through a pulldown menu on the sidebar rather than taking you to a separate page. I’ve also reconfigured my Flickr page to show a few large photos on the front page rather than a lot of little ones. I think the little pictures don’t show enough detail; the big ones just look better, but I’m biased of course. Zooomr is apparently implementing its next phase, but I’m not sure just yet what that involves. It will be interesting to see if they’ve addressed any of the issues I listed in my last post. As many of those are simply my personal preferences, probably not. But one can hope.

The only other things I want to do with this page are make the graphic at the top link back to the current page without a nasty-looking border and change the color of the comments so that they’re visible on the individual post pages. Oh, and somehow figure out how to make the trackbacks work. If you have any ideas, let me know.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve kept basically the same layout for nearly six years. That’s, like, Lorne Greene’s age in Web years. But it’s held up pretty well so far, and I’ve grown partial to it. I remember one early review complaining about my humongous icons, but they seem just right at today’s resolutions. In any case, I’d like to keep it a while longer.

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