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Absolutely Not Your Monkey

Nov 05 2006


Last weekend we went around getting pickup shots, as there were no major scenes planned. Dean and I got some sword close-ups at his house and then headed out to get shots of him on the ground in front of a previous location and then running up the stairs at a nearby office building. Then we met Bill in front of Taipei City Hall for some extra shots. The audio was unusable, as usual, thanks to some major karaoke activity going on in the square where we were filming.

We also needed Dean hanging on to some scaffolding or other metal structure for a special effects shot. I’d noticed an air raid warning system tower on the top of a building at the corner of Roosevelt and Shi-da Roads, so we went up there, using the critical weapon of casual conversation to get past the old guard, and climbed up onto the tower base. After I helped Dean apply his make-up, he got up on the actual tower for close-up shots. Then I did the wide and found too many buildings in the background, so I asked him to climb halfway up the tower. Keep in mind that there was no wall or anything else separating us from the edge of the roof and a nasty 20-story drop. Dean looked a bit apprehensive, but he did it. The emotion was perfect for the scene. Later he admitted that he has a fear of heights.

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