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Aug 07 2006

There are currently three, count ‘em THREE tropica…

There are currently three, count ’em THREE tropical storms out in the Pacific, two of which are probably going to make for interesting weather here over the next few days.

The last storm to hit us kept me awake all night because, unlike my last residence, the new place is high enough to get the wind whistling and banging things around and making quite a bit of noise.

Right now, however, we’re still in the afternoon-thundershower stage of summer. I know exactly when it will start raining each day: right when I have to go to work, no sooner, no later.

The brownies, despite my best efforts, didn’t work out. Well, not exactly my best efforts: I could have taken them out of the oven when I first smelled them burning, but for some reason I didn’t. At least the frosting makes the part I didn’t burn edible. I really should use my little oven to cook real food, like meat and vegetables and stuff. I have no idea where to start, and every time I look at recipe websites I am scared off by the complexity of the preparations. Why spend an hour cooking when Athula’s right across the bridge, waiting with delicious rhoti? But now that American beef is back on the market here, I might try and see how badly I can ruin a steak. My guess is: pretty badly, but probably not fire-department badly.

In any case, should these storms necessitate me staying indoors for a couple of days, I’m going to have to cook something, so I should stock up on charrable produce.

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