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Jul 07 2006

How to spot a Jap The US War Dept produced an ins…

How to spot a Jap

The US War Dept produced an instructive yet hilariously…well, inappropriate (by today’s standards) comic strip during WWII, to show soldiers how to tell Chinese and Japanese apart based on speech, posture, toe-width and the ability to pronounce convoluted slang terms. From the strip:

“Say, Ryan, you and Terry have been out in China for a long time…how about showing the men a few points of difference between the Japs and our oriental allies!” (via Mefi)

In other news, stories like this make me wonder why smokers get a free pass for littering. What makes a cigarette butt not litter? Yet somehow it’s not. It goes back to the whole smoking phenomenon, i.e., it’s ok because it’s addictive and it’s best not to fuck with addicts. I suppose it’s fortunate I am not addicted to knocking people over on the street…or is it? Maybe just one shove. I could get away with it on the subway, probably. Or in crowds in general. I could say I was practicing tui-shou, a known “gateway activity”, and got hooked.

It’s baking weather here these days, and my a/c at home has to work a couple of hours to cool down my place enough to sleep in. Due to upcoming filming, arranging the new place, and other things, I haven’t been able to take proper advantage of the pool downstairs yet, and even Bitan itself is looking rather inviting when I cross the bridge overhead during the hottest part of the day, though the water level is quite low. Unfortunately, it looks like the latest typhoon will not be coming anywhere near Taiwan, so no rainy breaks. Oh, well. Maybe the next one.

On Saturday night we’re having a Farewell Zoe Concert at Bliss (Address: 148, Xinyi Rd, Sec. 4, Taipei) starting at around 9:30pm with just Dave and Zoe, and then the rest of the Muddy Basin Ramblers about an hour or so later.

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