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Apr 24 2006

Five years. Five years ago, as of yesterday, I be…

Five years.

Five years ago, as of yesterday, I began this account. I can’t say it seems like yesterday, since quite a lot has happened since then. If you took my last couple of entries and showed them to the 32-year-old me in April of 2001, I’d probably be a little surprised to find that I’d have moved out to Xindian and bought an apartment. I’d certainly be pleased at my employment situation, happy to see that I got the book published in Chinese, happy that I’m working on a feature film, as well as a member of a band. Happy to know that I’d adopted a cat and sad to find that she died. Not terribly surprised to find I’d written over 100,000 words on forumosa or uploaded over 1200 photos to Flickr. Probably dismayed that the only place I’d traveled to was Australia.

Perhaps most importantly, I’d be happy to find that I’ve made many good friends through this website, and pretty shocked to find that it was a major reason behind the loss of others who couldn’t deal with perceived disparities between the me presented here and the real-life me.

Many things have not changed: Both George W. Bush and Chen Shui-bian are still in office, for better or for worse. I’m still riding Gendouyun and haven’t replaced it with anything newer. I still dabble in Tai-chi and sword. I’m still single, still hoping.

I’m not going to make any predictions or express any hopes for the next five years, if this account lasts that long. I still enjoy writing it, venting, complaining, exulting, or just blogging about whatever I feel. Although I deliberately got rid of the comments and visitor statistics, I still hope that there are people out there who enjoy reading it.

I had planned to have another edition of News From the Renegade Province ready for the anniversary, but I haven’t had time to finish it just yet. Soon, though. I also need to update my links page, and I’m wondering about the necessity of the photography, film, contact, writing and other pages as well. Any advice is welcome, but one other thing that hasn’t changed in five years is my lack of knowlege concerning web design and HTML code.

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