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Absolutely Not Your Monkey

Mar 11 2005


I went out to Keelung on Thursday and looked at a couple of locations out along the northern coast with Paul. The weather was fine and the drive fine, though the windows in Paul’s car weren’t cooperating.

The first place we looked at was a tunnel with a large pipe running through it. There are houses fairly near both ends, and we might just be able to borrow some power from folks in what looks to be a fishing village. Paul and I climbed up the cliff a ways and looked around before moving on to a nearby cave.

The floor of the cave was strewn with intravenous needles and other questionable items. Water dripped from the roof and echoed back into seemingly inpenetrable darkness leading back on the right side. Paul hadn’t been down inside because his flashlight wasn’t powerful enough. I had my LED light with me, though, so I took a look.

As I proceeded, I saw what looked like a piece of furniture in the gloom. “Hey, there’s a sofa back here!” I called back to Paul. “And bits of stuff, looks like a broken alter and…hold on…” I looked closer.


“I don’t think it’s a sofa, actually…”

Paul caught the tone in my voice. “I’m not sure I like the sound of that,” he said from near the mouth of the cave. “Ok, what is it?”

“A coffin,” I said, playing my flashlight over the small, Chinese-style sarcophogus. Pieces of alter lay strewn about the back of the cave wall and all over the rocky floor. I shivered, glad that I hadn’t come alone and/or at night.

I think I like the tunnel better. Really. The only problem is illuminating it if we can’t run lines in from nearby houses. And there’s some stuntwork that will be tricky. We’ll need a ladder and some towels, and plenty of time to set up while the actors frolick on the shore across the highway.

Tomorrow Darrell, Dean and Brian are going to do some pickup shots for the bar scene. I hope to get some of those into the trailer for Urban Nomad, but the deadline is approaching fast.

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