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Feb 02 2005

The weather these days is just about the worst it …

The weather these days is just about the worst it gets here. It seems like forever since we’ve seen the sun, or even a dry day. My mood is every bit as dismal and more.

Ever since the incident on New Years Eve when a couple of people got injured on the MRT, we’ve had to endure a whole slew of new “safety measures”, including staff members with megaphones telling us how to take the escalators, signs everywhere reminding us of the same, even slower speeds on the escalators, and deliberately misleading “remaining time” signs to ensure people don’t know there’s a train about to arrive and rush to make it. I’ll bet anything that’s exactly what happened that night: some morons saw a train about to leave, couldn’t stand the thought of waiting for three more minutes for the next one, and rushed the platform.

Of course all the newspapers could do, as with the case of the little girl who was beaten by her father, was use it as another way to criticize the mayor.

I’ve decided to sign up for a Flickr account, just for all those photos that I don’t like quite enough to put on my photography page, and don’t necessarily have much relation to stuff I talk about in this account. There’s also a random photo at the top of the sidebar. I’ve found some really good photography through their service, and it might work the other way. Worth a shot, anyway.

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