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Sep 22 2005

The other night after I got home, turned on my lig…

The other night after I got home, turned on my lights, turned on my computer and settled down to make some dinner, I noticed that my computer wasn’t doing anything. Oh, it was whirring and buzzing and blinking, but it wasn’t actually doing anything, like starting up.

Worrying that I might have blown my hard drive (sounds like a geek pr0n flick, don’t it?), the next day I called up Namic, a friend of Maoman’s, who does computer repair house calls. I hate having to unplug everything and haul my big silver box to Guanghua to find out what’s wrong with it.

Nam said he’d come over that night to take a look. He’s a Canadian of Azerbaijani descent who looks and acts much like the techie character Marshall on Alias, which I found immensely reassuring. Turns out I’ve blown my Asus motherboard; the drives are fine. Whew. It also turns out I need a lot more fans to keep other things from burning out, which means a new casing as well.

So I’ve been computer-less for the past couple of days at home. It’s been strange, a forced return to the pre-Internet age for me. I’ve cleaned up a bit and watched a lot of Firefly episodes (damn, that’s a good show, even if the Chinese is a bit much), but it’s odd to not always be online. Makes me wonder what all I did back then.

The weather broke yesterday as well. Our long streak of flawless atmospheric conditions and ideal light failed, and now we’re under the thumb of a tropical storm pulling across the Philippines. Had to happen sooner or later, I guess. Last night I hung out on the suspension bridge with neighbors Greg and Chris, among others. It was pleasant; I can see why so many folks around there do it; it’s fun to sit and chat, enjoying the breeze and the scenery. Just take care that you don’t drop anything that can roll off the bridge into the river below.

Nam brough my computer back last night but it wasn’t quite right, so he took it off again. We’ll try it again tonight. I’ve nearly filled my camera’s 1gb of memory with RAW-format pictures I want to download and get onto Flickr, and I feel out of touch if I can’t google any damn fool notion that comes into my head at any given moment.

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