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Dec 30 2005

The other day I was eating at the vegetarian resta…

The other day I was eating at the vegetarian restaurant downstairs (no, I’m not a vegetarian, I just like their dishes) when a gaggle of older women burst in, yelling “The master wants to eat!”. At the center of the gaggle was an old guy in Buddhist garb, apparently the hungry Master himself. They sat down at the large round table in the middle of the room and instantly appropriated the place’s one teapot for themselves, urging the cook to get on with making the food. After they were seated they kept fawning over the old guy like some aging Buddhist rock star; he was silent and, I hoped, embarrassed to be seen with such an entourage. At least they didn’t berate me to going to their table to liberate the teapot from their clutches.

A while ago Sandman clued me in to a website called Soundclick, which he described as a kind of Flickr for music. I went to take a look and was impressed with the idea, if not the interface, which seems a bit complicated and has too many layers and hoops to jump through to get to the music. Still, I uploaded the live St. James Infirmary test song I did a while ago, and that worked well, so last night I digitized a bunch of old electronic songs I did ages and ages ago on ancient, hand-carved synthesizers from the 80’s. Here’s a page of the music I’ve put up there. Technology has come a long way in the past 20 years, I have to say. I’d like to get my Roland keyboard set up and do some more composing with more advanced software instruments.

Update: And, of course, I neglected to plug the cord in all the way, and consequently all the music is in mono instead of stereo, so I will have to go back and redo it. Sigh. Really, I should throw it all away and start fresh.

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