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Jan 07 2005

No response from Yahoo. I guess I’m on their shit …

No response from Yahoo. I guess I’m on their shit list, so I suppose I have no choice but to kiss my account, all the info, money, etc. good-bye and write it off as bad judgement. I did get another account, under the name Mijiyaki if you’re interested in adding yourself to my chat list, email, etc. Mijiyaki is the Japanese pronunciation of Dao-ming, my Chinese name. Not surprisingly, Daoming, Taoming, and all possible variations thereof were already taken, so I had to resort to Japanese.

Speaking of bad judgement, I feel I have to warn you: never, ever, even think of eating a hamburger at Mos Burger. I know, you’d think their burgers would be half-decent, possibly even as good as their rice burgers, but I can tell you with complete authority that it would be one of the worst choices you could make, culinarily speaking. Of this I will speak no more, lest my intestines begin trembling in dread.

On the other side of the food quality spectrum, I finally got around to sampling the fare at Gusto, on a small street near the corner of Jianguo South and Heping East Roads. Excellent hot dogs, I must say, and not a bad environment altogether. In related news, Andrew at Bongos is challenging Hooters by getting ready to come out with spicy chicken wings. I’m taking night classes at NTU these days along with some friends, so we usually head out to Bongos afterwards for dinner.

I think the Muddy Basin Ramblers’ next performance is on the 16th of January at The Shannon as part of a Blues Night. Apparently it’s going to be a monthly thing, or at least they’re going to try it out. Jez and Tarrybush should also be there, I think. Hopefully we’ll get to rehearse at some point before then, but I wouldn’t count on it; everyone’s pretty busy these days.

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