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Apr 10 2005


We’re trying to gear up for a scene that takes place in an elaborate laboratory, or “elaboratory”. Preferably big, with lots of fancy instruments, beakers and beeping, blinking machinery. Or maybe just big. We’ll take what we can get. Our friend Tony, who played one of our villains in the last film, has a rooftop place Dean and I are going to check out tomorrow night.

This afternoon Dean and I hooked up with James of WDEVN to look for guys to play our commando team as well as some other similar roles. We met out near the Martyr’s Shrine, where those guys meet and shoot at each other with high-powered BB guns. I met Chen Wei-ming, the author of one of my favorite ghost story collections in Chinese. He’s a big fan of these things, and it did look like they were having a good time. Dean even put on some goggles and went out on one of the rounds.

We also might be taking a little boat ride soon, on one of the cruises to nowhere Dean and I went on a few years back. It would be fun, and we can also film a scene on the ship, to make it seem like we have more of a budget than we really do. That is, if the cruise to nowhere is still running.

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