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Mar 22 2005

I was waiting for an appointment near the Estrogen…

I was waiting for an appointment near the Estrogen Mall yesterday morning, so I walked over to look around a little. To my surprise, the line for the Mister Donut was only half an hour, so I thought, what the hell, I’ll get some donuts.

About 15 minutes later, I was in the store. I discovered one of the main reasons the lines move so slowly is the guy at the door who feels the need to explain every single kind of donut to each and every person. I skipped this step and went straight to the counter, where a sign proclaimed that each person could only buy a maximum of 10 donuts. The flavors were somewhat different than I remembered; imagine my shock and horror when my gaze found the sign reading “Red bean paste-filled donuts”. Yes, dear readers, it’s true: Mister Donut has already started to go local. Another example of this was the frosted cake donuts. Traditionally these have frosting all the way round on top, but now they only frost a small portion of the side. The reason? “People think they’re too sweet otherwise,” the clerk told me when I commented on it. I wanted to ask them if they were fucking with the flavors in order to cut down on their lines, but something told me the comment would have gone flying over their heads, embedding itself sharply in the back wall.

I took my donuts and sat upstairs at the Starbucks, where I was served by an excessively cheerful woman. The donuts were, as I had heard, not as sweet as the ones in the states. The chocolate paste in the chocolate-filled ones was like brown custard. Only the plain donuts were anything like real donuts, and like standard grocery store ones at that. Definitely not worth standing in line for, but I knew that.

The weather’s been great the past few days, but turned rainy again today. I’ve been busy editing a commercial product as well as the trailer of the film for Urban Nomad IV. Tonight I was over at Darrell’s and Judy’s recording the voiceover. I gave it a shot, but my voice just isn’t right for it. Darrell’s voice sounds a lot more like the guy that does all the movie trailers, so I think we’ll use his voice. It was 1:30 by the time we were done, so I caught a lost taxi back, instructing the driver how to get out of Darrell’s neighborhood. The cabbie thought I was middle eastern or an arab. My guess is that he gets lost pretty often.

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