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May 27 2005

I turned on the radio when I woke up this morning …

I turned on the radio when I woke up this morning to hear the following commercial on 99.7:

“Darn it! What is this on my TV? It’s just a large dark mass on the screen!”

“Hey, check out my new LG TV! Here…now, what do you see?”

“Wa-ow! It’s Black people beating crows in the middle of the night!”

“Yes! Since LG uses ‘instalight cannon’ picture tube technology, even the blackest scenes are crisp and clear! Even Black people beating crows in the middle of the night are no problem!”

I swear I’m not making this up.

At least it seems relatively sunny out today. Today after work, Dean, Maurice, April and I are all heading out to Keelung to board the Star Virgo “Cruise To Nowhere” on the Superstar Gemini (or possibly the Virgo; I’m not sure) for three days. It will be exciting and new. We’ll come aboard; they’re expecting us…but I don’t think they’ll be expecting us to be shooting part of a film. We’ll have to keep that on the DL and hope they think we’re just tourists having fun. Which we will be.

In other news, David’s got the official Muddy Basin Ramblers website up, for the most part. There’s still a few empty bits, but we’ll fill it in soon enough with more content, i.e. pictures, recording, and miscellaneous stuff. Unless, of course, we can’t get the stuff no more. I’ve adjusted all my links to the official site, but left my original page up just in case there are some remaining links out there, so I can point them to the new site.

The other night, while I was waiting around to see Star Wars, I went to the nearby Mister Donut for some treats. The short line went in the door, with exiting customers coming out the other double door. Due to the swarms of flying termites that plague us along with the plum rains every year about this time, they closed the doors.

This completely flummoxed one woman who, after her purchase, simply couldn’t find the exit. She looked at the line in, took a step towards the exit door, which was closed, and stopped, a puzzled look on her face. She then went over to the back of the store to the cordioned off bit, stopped, and looked around. She checked all the windows, running around the room bumping into corners, customers and other obstacles like some kind of crazed Roomba, before finally charging through the people waiting to be served, pushing her way through us to break out of her perceived imposed confinement and out what she saw to be the only exit. I felt like I was watching a mental experiment on the Discovery Channel or something.

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