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Sep 12 2005

At the last moment, the typhoon that was threateni…

At the last moment, the typhoon that was threatening to hit us head-on turned north, just brushing past us. I think people are getting a bit jaded about typhoons after so many have visited us this year. Sandy called me up on Saturday night and invited me to a jam. I assumed it was at his house, but he said a whole bunch of people wanted to go huddle on the stands overlooking the small exercise park near me, supposedly to “experience” the typhoon. We ended up compromising by going to the substantially larger basketball courts nearby instead. Although the courts are covered, the only walls consist of trees planted around the edge and some chain-link fence. Sandy, Will, Tim, Brent and I were the first to arrive, but people kept showing up with more instruments and drinks, and pretty soon we had a fair little party going on. The rain was streaming down over the sides of the tin roof, and every so often a gust of wind would blow the rain at us, but it didn’t really bother anyone.

The sky was lightening at about 5am when Sandy, Tim and I decided to surrender the courts to the early-morning joggers. Besides, I had to get up for filming a few hours later.

The Muddy Basin Ramblers are gearing up again. We’ve got a handful of performances scheduled, and we decided to rehearse down by the river last weekend. It started out as a rehearsal, but after a short time we’d attracted quite a large crowd. David was facing away from most of our audience and didn’t realize they were there for quite a while. One of the listeners had brought and insane dog. It was one of those dogs women carry around in their purse and make you wonder if they (the dogs) really have legs or are they the dog version of paraplegics and have to be kept in purses. No wonder it lost its tiny mind. It barked and ran around as if dodging imaginary meteorites, its eyes rolled back in its little head.

In any case, we’re looking forward to doing another riverside…rehearsal? performance? Whatever. I personally think we should rent one of the larger boats and take our act on the water. Sound really carries over water, and we wouldn’t have to worry about psychotic canines.

It was nice a cool, breezy and wonderful before the typhoon. Now mid-summer is back with all of its muggy heat and still air, constant air-conditioning and longing glances at any body of water in sight. Perhaps it was some kind of opposite indian summer thing, a foray of winter into summer’s traditional territory as indian summer is summer’s way to inserting its influence far away from home base.

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