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Feb 21 2005

As I packed my things up I soon realized the amoun…

As I packed my things up I soon realized the amount of stuff I’ve bought since I moved into this cavernous place. When I arrived in August of 2003, everything I owned fit comfortably in my smallest bedroom, where I am sitting now, surrounded by boxes.

Right after I moved in I slept on the floor listening to the crickets through the open windows, and every noise echoed through the rooms. After a year and a half, however, I’ve accumulated all kinds of extra things: furniture, carpets, posters, and other knicknacks. I don’t even need the wooden double bed, the air conditioner or the bathroom mirror at the new place, but nobody wants any of it. Steven the Mover, who apparently won a bit of money betting on pool at the Forumosa Happy House O’ Flowing Drink last night, said he could help me move tonight if it’s not raining.

Thing is, it hasn’t stopped raining for a week. Seriously, there has not been a single pause to the downpour for a solid week, and there’s no sign of it stopping or even letting up. Temperatures have dropped to the single digits as well, making this weather my officially most hated weather ever, even apart from the inconvenience it’s causing me at the moment.

The Muddy Basin Ramblers gathered at David’s house last night for a rehearsal/recording session. David hooked up the mic to his computer and we recorded several tunes, possibly for the webpage. I drank hot ginger tea with cinnamon and whisky,and everyone had a great time listening to the recordings, especially the new songs. One new one David came up with recently, which we call ‘Song of Our Homeland’, went on for about 10 minutes, though it’s so catchy you’d never know it.

After Sandman and I caught a taxi back to the Sandcastle, he left for the Forumosa thing, while I came home to see about making a larger dent in the packing process. One my way in I slipped on the stairs, and now my knee is clicking in an extremely annoying fashion, like it used to after I injured it several years ago. Argh. It’s not painful, just extremely annoying and brings back memories of a pretty bad time. I was in my early 20s when I hurt it, and after a couple of operations in Hong Kong it seemed ok, even doing sword practice and playing badminton, but now…well, maybe it will get better on its own. In the meantime, argh.

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