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Jan 15 2004

One post a week! Amazing. I’ve been busy the past …

One post a week! Amazing. I’ve been busy the past few days working with Darrell getting together a quicky DVD copy of Clay Soldiers ready for submission to the Taipei Film Festival. I know, it’s not really a festival kind of film, but what the hell, might as well give it a shot. Entry’s free in any case. I must say the DVD looks and sounds much better than any other version I’ve seen so far; it’s like watching a different film. It would be really surreal to see it on a truly big screen, but that’s probably not going to happen.

Otherwise not much has been going on. Slow Chinese New Year holiday, lots of bookstores are festooned with various shiny red-and-gold decorations/good luck symbols. Since I’m not working at the moment I don’t have much of a reason to go into town, though I did today to submit the film. Afterwards I went to visit the latest addition to the Mitsukoshi Empire in the Xinyi District, A8. It’s their third department store on the same block, and it’s filled with expensive useless shit just like the other ones. In the lobby is the Mitsukoshi Plan for World Domination, or at least their plan to cover the entire area with cloned department stores featuring women’s clothing and jewelry. Alas.

The weather was nice today, but tomorrow it’s supposed to get cold again. One of the many useless resolutions I made, along with millions of other people no doubt, it to exercise more and eat better, but when it gets cold all I want to do is wrap up in a blanket and doze.

It being Chinese New Year’s, house cleaning is in order. I’ve been going through old cassette tapes leftover from the pre-digital age, and discovering that I used to listen to some cool music that I can’t find these days, even online. Chinese music is difficult to search for online, or maybe I don’t know the best sites for that yet.

Yeah, I know, typical boring entry. I should wait until I have something interesting to write about.

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