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Aug 27 2004


I walked over to the Huashan Arts Village or whatever it’s called these days after work to check out a possible location for one of our “recruitment” scenes. As it turns out, most of the buildings there have gabled roofs, and the couple of places where there’s cement ceilings are blocked off due to safety concerns. I did find an interesting hole in a wall that we might be able to use somehow, but the underground scene needs something larger. Does anyone have a nice large, rather decrepit looking basement in their building we can use to film? You get to see Dean and Maurice wearing hardhats…no, it’s not that kind of film.

This is simply one in a long list of locations we still need. Others include an aircraft interior, a series of leapable rooftops, a couple of castle-like interiors, the north pole and the insides of a blue whale. Ok, I’m kidding about the last two. The insides of a sperm whale would be ok, too.

We have rehearsal on Sunday at Dean’s, and tomorrow I’m going to try to get some surveillance photos of Rowan as he’s being fitted for a Nehru suit or whatever he’s into lately. I’m trying to come up with some namecard designs in the meantime so we won’t have to hand out our own personal cards to people we approach about movie-related issues. Otherwise we just come off like sleezy salesmen: “I’m about to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime…in the movies!”

Dean and I discussed a few changes in the script last night. I think it’s an improvement, but I also wonder just how big this thing’s going to get before we’re done with it. It should be interesting to find out, at least.

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