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Oct 18 2004

I’ve got a few things I’m getting rid of: Nikon…

I’ve got a few things I’m getting rid of:

Nikon FM2, black: NT$10,500

f1.4 50mm Nikkor lens: NT$8,000

f3.5-4.2 35-210mm Tamrom SP Macro: NT$8,000

All well cared for and in excellent condition, for sale cheaper as a kit (all together with bag and flash, filters), or individually at or around the prices listed above. These are the camera and lenses I used to take many of the pictures lower down on my photography page.

Also, I’ve got a few gmail invitations if anyone is interested.

Last night I finally got my new DVD burner to work, after downloading a new version of Nero. Unfortunately (and, considering this is Windows, not unexpectedly), this had the effect of removing all the programs in my bottom toolbox, emasculating my Norton firewall, and making gmail inaccessible from my home computer. Right clicks still take 30 seconds to respond, as always.

Damn I hate Windows. I hate the fact that hundreds of people were paid fabulous salaries to come up with systems that collapse like a house of cards whenever anything new is introduced, and I hate the fact that most of these problems can be fixed only by taking measures any normal person would never, ever think of.

In other news, a nearby typhoon is making it a very damp, somber day, though the weather bureau expects it will, as almost every single other storm has, turn northward and hit Japan instead of us. Before that, we had wonderful weather, temperatures just right, sunny and incredibly pleasant.

In still more, fucked up news you won’t believe, my new landlady is selling my apartment, a mere two months after she bought it. What does this mean for me? More of the same shit I’d been dealing with before, including the realtor asking me to stay home all the time in case someone wants to see the place, watching strangers trapse through my home, being warned not to let any potential buyers know that the seller just bought the place, generally not knowing if I’ll be staying here much longer and not being able to really look for a new place due to the possibility of the new owners being willing to keep renting the place out to me.

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