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Sep 06 2004

Dana Wylie was at the last rehearsal at Dave’s hou…

Dana Wylie was at the last rehearsal at Dave’s house on Sunday. We crowded in the room with the keyboard and jammed in there instead of in the usual living room arrangement. Youyu, Dave’s dog, was going from person to person wondering what we were all doing in her room.

Dana’s a great piano player and singer; her music seems very easy to play along with, though I screwed up once and mistook a break for a solo. “Remember our motto,” Will told me. “‘You can do no wrong'”. I find that immensely reassuring, I have to say. In fact I’m sure that that motto, along with a bit of alcohol, will be of great comfort this Saturday night at The Living Room when I make my first public appearance as part of the Ramblers (who now have a preliminary website, btw).

It was after 9pm by the time we were done, and I had to get to DV8 for the first shoot of our latest movie crusade. More details on that in the production journal. Suffice it to say it was a long and challenging shoot. Everyone did a great job, though.

Hard to believe it’s September already. This is usually the time when I begin to get really tired of being sweaty all the time, and this year is no exception.

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