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Sep 03 2004


We’re filming our first setup in the wee hours of next Monday morning at DV8. Last night witnessed some much-needed rehearsal over at Dean’s house. Now I just have to storyboard it; this is difficult because when faced with so many options, I get storyboarder’s block. All I need to do is settle on a tactic and stick with it, and things should work out.

Another choice I’m facing is whether to cut this project with Premiere Pro on my PC or on Final Cut Pro 4 on my Powerbook. I was fooling around with FCP today and managed to crash it by clicking on various thingamajiggies. It captured with no problems, though, and seems easy enough to use. One potential problem, however: the powerbook only has one firewire port, so I can’t capture directly from my camera to an external hard drive. All in all, I’m leaning towards using the PC for this one, especially as I’ll be needing to swap files with a lot of people and compatibility is important. Then, after I make billions of dollars from this project, I’ll buy a G5. Heh.

I submitted the first LX movie to the Golden Horse Film Festival…again. I’m pretty sure they won’t like it; I’m the first to admit it’s not what most festivals are looking for; it’s not deep, it doesn’t make you think, it’s not grainy black-and-white and doesn’t feature long, thoughtful shots or any such things. So, after I paid the NT$300 entry fee and handed over the application form, I told the girl at the desk, “See you next year.”

Why do I bother? Well, it’s only NT$300. You never know.

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