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Mar 09 2004

Aargh. I’ve spent the last few days dealing with t…

Aargh. I’ve spent the last few days dealing with the after-effects of a monster migraine that attacked me (unfairly, I might add) on Saturday morning before I even had the chance to get out of bed. That day my misery was compounded by the guy installing a new bathtub and sink in my apartment with extreme prejudice, as well as a boistrous DPP rally outside my window. Needless to say, I didn’t get much done unless you count cowering underneath my blanket a lot. I’ve gotten migraines occasionally since I was a kid, but seldom, possibly never this bad before. Oddly enough, several of my friends who also get migraines had massive episodes recently as well, which makes me wonder if the recent duststorm had any influence.

Or maybe it’s those little election trucks. Elections are almost upon us. I have to give the DPP credit for their ad campaigns; there’s even pictures of pretty women in pseudo-military attire pointing and saying “Taiwan needs you!” all over the MRT. Their TV ads (including the embarrassing one I was involved in) are all much higher quality than anything the KMT can muster. It was much the same the last election; you’d think the KMT would have fired their PR guy after that, but apparently they didn’t. The Blues are holding a huge rally this weekend, but I doubt it will have as much impact as the 2-28 rally had for the DPP (good holiday/event-management, again, points for the DPP there).

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