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Jan 02 2003

Today we had the kind of weather we should have ha…

Today we had the kind of weather we should have had on New Year’s Day. Fresh, clear, bright, not too cold, not too warm…the kind of day that feels like the start of something. I would have liked to take a trip up into the mountains or up to Danshui, but I had to go to work instead.

My supervisor, however, was surprised to see me walk in. “What are you doing here? Weren’t you told?”

It turns out that they’ve decided to hide me at another office while they wait for the contract to be approved, so I caught a ride with my boss Dr. Lin in a brand-new Lexus, complete with driver, down to their office in the Technology Building. There I was shown where I would be sitting this month, in a cubicle in a smallish room facing Heping East Road. The chair is the kind that leans back until you fall over backwards, and the Internet connection was so slow I couldn’t even download Trillian after almost an hour of trying. “Just take it easy here for a while,” Dr. Lin told me. “We’ll call you if there’s any need for you to come back to the regular office.” The Technology Building offices are where most of the bigwigs have their offices, so I should watch my step and avoid losing my job because I wear the wrong hat to work or something.

After work, since I was in the vicinity, I walked over to my old neighborhood for a turkey sub at Subzone. I’ve been anxious to start another film project since I washed my hands of Alphadogha, which, shocking though it may seem, has yet to reach the top ten at Triggerstreet. “Film what you know,” some people say. What do I know? What do I have? I have a facinating urban environment, especially at night, the friendship of a few good actors, an impressive collection of hats and a basic knowledge of swords. I talked to Azuma about a girl he knows who writes scripts, but all he knew was that they involved the relationship between a guy and his bar of soap. Ah, maybe…not. We get enough of that on TV these days.

Two more Mirror Project photos up, coincidentally right next to three of the BWG’s submissions. Talk about yuan-fen.

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