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Jan 31 2003

The weather was nice today, so I opened up all the…

The weather was nice today, so I opened up all the windows and aired out my temporary abode a bit. It’s quite nice up here when the weather holds up, very peaceful with a fresh breeze more or less constantly blowing through. I spent yesterday down in the city because I missed the last bus up the mountain after sword practice on Wednesday. Met up with Dean and Random Gavin at DV8 last night, which brought back some memories. Dean tells me that Shizi is back in town, but I’m not sure how long he’ll be here. The buses are fewer and further between, but at least they’re free during the New Year holiday. I saw an older foreigner wearing a captain’s hat and jacket for the second time on the bus.

Today marks the start of Chinese New Year’s Proper, by the way, and a lot of places will be closed for the next few days. That’s ok though; I’ve got enough spaghetti sauce to last me a good while yet.

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