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Jun 09 2003

The Lady X series is now up to Episode 2, in which…

The Lady X series is now up to Episode 2, in which Lady X travels to Germany aboard a nuclear submarine. First helicopters and now submarines? What’s next, Lady X stepping out of the Shuttle Atlantis? Fark should do a Photoshop contest of bizarre things Lady X can step out of.

Though we may not have space vehicles or even a mole at NASA, we do have a kick-ass story, wonderful actors and an interesting setting. I just need to finish the massive job of putting it all together. We filmed the office scene on Saturday without too many hitches. It was so hot on the set, aka Dean’s apartment, that we had to take a five-minute break in between each take so we could open up the windows and turn on the fan. Da Shan provided lighting as usual, and Tall Paul wrangled the boom. Dean’s friend Norman played the Heavy for the office scene, but since he couldn’t make it on Sunday to film the rest of the scene, which features The Heavy’s hands, we dragged Maoman up to the alley in question to do that scene. I’m on my way to Keelung tonight after work along with Dean to help Paul finish up his latest film, “Project Dignity”. We’re planning on doing the one remaining scene this Friday near the old Science Museum. After that it’s editing, editing, and more editing. Plus music, special effects, and promotion… So far so good, but time is getting short. Perhaps losing one of my jobs doesn’t totally suck; at least now I’ll have more time for editing. My wallet, however, doesn’t agree with this line of thinking.

The weather continues to be oddly cool and cloudy outside, though it’s almost unbearably muggy indoors since our office has the air conditioners off due to SARS fears. The cicadas aren’t even singing down in the city like they are up in the mountains. Perhaps they’re waiting for real summer heat. Maybe they’re still on vacation in Bali.

When I got in to work today I found a thermometer lying on my desk. It was supposed to be issued to me a couple of weeks ago, but it only got here today. Not that it matters as I have an electronic one at home; it just goes to show how molassas-like government action here is.

It’s been suggested recently to me that the TC that writes in this journal is so totally and completely unlike the Real-life TC that suspicions have arisen that this account is really written by a member of the Iraqi Elite. This is news to me, of course, but it does make a bit of sense when I think of all the people who only met me after reading this account, people who seemed to expect someone else completely, people who kept calling me “Raed” and winking in a knowing manner.

Obviously, any given person’s behavior varies with his audience, and I have a different personality when I am with different people, but 99% of the musings I jot down in this account come straight from the top of my head. I never set out to create a completely different persona, and it is somewhat surprising to learn how different I come across in writing.

I have met a few bloggers myself after only knowing them through their websites. Randall seems pretty much as he comes across on his site, though his voice is a bit higher pitched than I had expected. Shauna is almost exactly as she seems in WNP, though her hair is a bit lighter in color. And anyway, how would you know what was more accurate? Do you judge someone from their personal appearance or from their words? For those who know me IRL, just how exactly do I come across on here? Other than as a rather vapid, angry snob, I mean. And how is this different from the vapid, angry snob you all know and occasionally tolerate?

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