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May 13 2003

The area where I live was unbelievably crowded whe…

The area where I live was unbelievably crowded when I got back from work this afternoon. A line of people waiting to get into Sogo Department Store stretched all the way around the block. I asked one of the guys downstairs what was going on. “50%-off sale,” he told me. “On selected items.” Ah-ha. So Sogo’s decided to clear their SARS-scourged name with a sale, eh? It’s crazy, but damn, look at ’em go! Police were directing traffic, the parking lots were spilling over, and a couple of X-ray trucks had been set up, presumably to check lungs for SARS-like symptoms.

Shirzi has volunteered to help us choreograph a fight scene for the film this weekend. Dean reckons he can learn the moves in one evening and then shoot it right there, but I’d prefer to do a bit of practice before setting up the lights, getting everyone in costume, etc. The weather doesn’t look like it’s going to cooperate, but I hope we can somehow pull it off at the original location because it’s just so perfect. I would hate to have to do it indoors, and I honestly don’t know of any places we can do it indoors that look sufficiently outdoorsish and cool. Shirzi’s leaving at the end of the month, though, thanks to a parental-concern ticket home to California. He’ll be back after SARS leaves, when we’re picking up the pieces I guess.

In a few minutes I’m going to go do an interview at BCC Radio about the book. I wonder if it’s even still on shelves, since it was sold out at so many places a couple of weeks ago. The building is also where ICRT is located, and although Rick Monday told me they weren’t letting outsiders in, the BCC guy said he could get me inside, which sounds a bit dodgy. Hopefully it’s not a quarantine situation or anything like that. An interview with a mask on would just come out like one of those adult voices on a Charlie Brown cartoon: Woa-wo-woa-wwwwoa.

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