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May 25 2003

Malibu, a bar in the area of Taipei traditionally …

Malibu, a bar in the area of Taipei traditionally known as “The Combat Zone” from its reputation as the red-light district during the Vietnam war, was supposed to be nearly deserted on Saturday afternoon. Except for the mandatory reservation made for Mr. Murphy, who invited a dozen of his closest friends to have a small random party the very day we had scheduled for filming. We managed to get everything done by interrupting people and sometimes even moving patrons around for various shots. It was a bit nerve-wracking. One of said patrons was a bald American guy with a southern accent who insisted we shoot Dean. “Do you need someone who can fall on his head and be ok?” he kept saying. “Like, several times? Because I can you know.” We assured him we didn’t need such an individual at the moment but would contact him the moment we needed someone to fall on their head and be ok.

I woke up early this morning and drew the curtains only to be greeted with a view of rain. So much for the shoot. I called Maurice and cancelled. I’ve been feeling really tired lately and could use the rest. I went out for drinks at Hooters again with Mindcrime and Dean, and then out for a sandwich at a nearby IS Coffee with Harry and James later. Tomorrow I’m afraid I have to return to the Wonderful World of Work. I do wish that the weather would make up its mind about it being summer or not.

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