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Jun 13 2003

I’ve been chatting with my friend Pablo about the …

I’ve been chatting with my friend Pablo about the film school and festival he is now managing in Morelia, Mexico. It’s amazing, all the stuff he’s done since we studied film together in ’99, I feel like a slug in comparison. The only down side is that he is too busy to do his own films, and I really enjoyed the stuff he did in NYC. As always, I wish I had the time and money to go visit him and perhaps work on a film project there, but after all this time I am still too poor. One can always hope, though.

After spending many hours editing last night, I went out for dinner at Q Bar. Well, not only for dinner; I admit I was curious to see what a Forumosa Happy Hour was like as well, otherwise I probably wouldn’t go to Q Bar for dinner. I walked in to find a group of apparent strangers sitting at a table chatting politely. It was rather surreal since I have been reading the backs and forths of these very individuals for years on the website, but I had no idea they were in real life. I sat down next to Iris, who told me how wonderful her cat Tuesday, previously known as Trial Kitten, is doing, which was good to hear. I also met several other completely unfamiliar people with very familiar usernames. Later Maoman and V showed up, but it was still quite unnerving to see all of these contentious individuals who so enjoy a good scrap online being so polite to each other.

In any case, I had more editing to do, so I took my leave and went home after my meal. I need to finish the rough cut of Episode 4 this afternoon so that I can get it to Darrell and we can work on the soundtrack this weekend. And then there’s the shoot tonight, which is as much threatened by rain as it is many, many other factors. But such is filmmaking.

The mugginess continues, so not only have I shaved my goatee and chinstrap, but I also went down and got my hair cut very short again. I am now 100% 50’s-era Clean-cut Poagao. Yeah, like that’ll last.

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