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May 27 2003

It’s cloudy and cool outside, totally unlike a sum…

It’s cloudy and cool outside, totally unlike a summer day in a tropical clime. Spring is usually this wierd here, but it also usually evens out into hot summer days by the end of May. Not this year. It’s still jacket weather here, even though it’s almost June. It’s not helping my current sore throat either. I went to the clinic next to my office yesterday after work to have it looked at. I figured it was reasonably safe as it’s almost always deserted, and the staff were wearing face shields. The doctor told me my throat was infected and gave me some medicine to make me loopy enough to not care about being sick. As I never had a fever, he said, it wasn’t SARS. That’s good to know, but I’ll be glad when this is all overwith. The doctor told me that Adventist Hospital was refusing patients with SARS-like symptoms.

My boss at the library job called me into the office yesterday. I knew it was bad news, of course. They’re “restructuring” and this of course means they’re going to have to let me go after another couple of weeks. He was very sorry and said he would try to get me re-hired, but I’m certainly not going to count on it. While I hate to lose the extra income, something tells me it’s going to be a moot point soon. Perhaps change is afoot, or perhaps deep down I just want it to be. I was reading my old journal entries from my trip to Australia in October/November 2001. Good times, those, so different from my life these days. I need another trip, or even a move. Perhaps after the movie is done I will begin making plans in that direction.

My taxes are due by the end of the month as well; need to get that done. I hate having to fill out the little form, but at least I’ll probably end up paying less in taxes this year as I didn’t make as much last year as I did in past years. I had my palm read one time and, while I’m supposed to live a long, long time, I will also never make a lot of money. So far it’s held up.

Tomorrow morning I’m supposed to be on the Rick Monday show on ICRT, from 9 to 12. I have no idea what this involves, really, since my radio antenna doesn’t work any more, but it should be interesting.

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