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May 18 2003

In an effort to do something productive with his t…

In an effort to do something productive with his time since tonight’s shoot was cancelled due to rain, Dean has come up with a new banner for our episode of the Lady X series. Feel free to use it.

I’ve been fooling around with the boundaries separating pancakes and omlets, heretical though this may seem. It all came about after I became tired of plain omlets and was wondering what to do with this huge box of Bisquick I bought a while ago. The instructions claimed I could make 742 pancakes with two eggs, but it didn’t say what fraction of an egg I could use to make a more reasonable amount, so I’ve been testing random ratios of Bisquick and Egg and have so far come out with several varieties of what I call either “panlets” or “omcakes” that actually aren’t bad when you put enough cheese and spaghetti sauce on them. Then again, you could say much the same thing about a boiled mop.

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