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Dec 28 2003

I’m sure that by now all of you Alert Readers out …

I’m sure that by now all of you Alert Readers out there have noticed (yeah, right) that I’ve removed the “Sight of the Moment” link on the lower right-hand side of this page. This is because, after spending all day yesterday designing and uploading stuff, the Vidlets page is up (thanks to Simon for the name). These aren’t proper films or even proper videos, just little low-res clips I’ve taken on occasion with my little Canon digital camera, which can only take about 20 seconds of footage at a time, and cannot either zoom or change the aperature when shooting. It’s handy as I always have it on me, though, and I’ve stitched a few together, five to be exact, though I have other bits and pieces I want to put up now that I have the extra webspace, including one about people on the MRT and another down in the riverside park. “Scooter Antics” is another subject I want to pursue.

And January will be a month of free time, if nothing else. I work a couple of days next week, and then it’s Wait for The Call time, so I might as well do some writing and film stuff.

In the meantime Blogger had decided to stop publishing intelligible Chinese for some reason. Odd.

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