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Feb 17 2003

I started looking at places again today. I know, "…

I started looking at places again today. I know, “Joy!” you’re all saying. “Poagao is looking at houses again!” Saw one place not far from here that is about the same size as where I’m living now, but quieter and cheaper. Not much water pressure to speak of, however. I’ve told myself I’m not going to compromise this time, as I can always find someplace better. Another place I looked at on Yanping South Road was a nightmare. The advertisement said it was 12 pings, but those 12 pings must have been measured end-to-end. It was more like a long, dark hallway than a room, and only contained a pair of decrepit bunkbeds and some chairs. I will look at some other places in that area, the old city, as well as elsewhere tomorrow. I like the old city, the area within the old city walls, quite a bit. It’s got an air of history to it that most of the other parts of the city lack. Granted though, I’ve never lived in that area, so who knows what kind of disadvantages lie waiting for me in such places? I’ve learned my lesson about living outside the city for the past few weeks, though: I want to stay in the city. It’s ok if you’re living with dogs, cats, roomies and various significant otherly beings, but if you’re alone being out in the middle of nowhere rather sucks.

It seems that Google has purchased Blogger. Hopefully this will allow improvements in both without sacrificing the functionality of either, and Blogger is definitely the more vulnerable party in this respect. I came across the website of a guy travelling around the world with his Panasonic DV camera, chronicalling his various adventures. It’s quite cool what he’s doing, and I think a lot more people will be following in his footsteps before too long.

Dean got the second season of Red Dwarf in, and Mindcrime and I went over to watch it tonight. We got to see Kryton and Queeg, and a dance number with Lister, Rimmer, the Cat and Holly. On the downside though, we’re going to have to wait another full year until we can get any more seasons on DVD. Smeggin’ ‘ell!

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