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Aug 17 2003

I really haven’t been in the mood to post anything…

I really haven’t been in the mood to post anything here lately. I was tired of whinging about the same old things. I took a look at what I was writing this time a year ago and saw that I was going through almost the same shit I’m going through now. It all just seemed pointless. Yeah, I’ve been in a funk lately, and I know that distracting myself with various superficial pleasures are stopgap measures at best. I’ve been keeping to myself lately, but today I forced myself to attend the weekly Game Club meeting at Shuangyu Cafe, and I’m glad I did, because I felt a lot better after being with other people for a while. I learned that other people have been going through some rough patches recently as well. Granted, I probably need to stop eating the same tuna sandwiches for lunch/spaghetti for dinner diet that I’ve been on for the last few months trying to save money. I did have a hamburger at Friday’s the other week, and it was actually quite good. Or at least better than tuna sandwiches, though I couldn’t eat hamburgers every day either. But something tells me that the reason for my recent plunges lies in something other than my diet.

Towards this end, I just went to www.authentichappiness.com and, ironically enough, was frustrated by the amount of “page cannot be displayed” errors in their ‘Finding Your Stengths’ test. Or perhaps that was part of the test. Maybe they were monitoring me to see how frustrated I would get. In that case, I probably shouldn’t have thrown the keyboard at the monitor quite so forcefully. I’m pretty sure that’s not a good sign. The questions were all the same kind of thing, not a test of strengths so much as a depressing list of possible character flaws. And you’re supposed to be honest in answering them, so it was all “Yeah, well, I guess I am a self-absorbed bastard with all the sensitivity of a bump in the road….check”. Repeat variations on this theme 263 times. No wonder “page could not be displayed”…probably sounds better than “You have no strengths to speak of and will not be able to acheive authentic happiness due to your shallow nature.”

In another recent bid to climb out of the inexplicable gloom I went to see Finding Nemo with Kirk the other night. It was good, but we were sitting too far back, and Kirk kept looking at messages on his phone, which was distracting. Also the subtitles were timed so that everyone laughed over the lines being read. I guess I’ll wait for the DVD.

We finished up the commercial shoot on Saturday. Da Shan’s van broke down and he had to get it fixed, so he sent his assistant in his stead. The assistant burnt out two bulbs, but Da Shan returned with more lights later on. He hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before and was really tired. The shoot went well, though. I think it should be ok. I look forward to seeing the finished product. That and getting paid will be nice, too. At least Tall Paul taught me how to stuff my shoelaces inside my shoes so as to avoid getting them caught on things. Useful safety tip.

This week’s Lady X episode has been delayed, which is disappointing. I hope we can keep it all together long enough for some publicity at least. I’ve been re-editing bits of our episodes into one film, but there’s only so much I can do in post-production. Kirk saw the new fight scene and claimed it was much better, and I’m hoping better sound effects will improve it further, though some of the problems are really unfixable. In any case, after the DVD’s done that will be it, no more screwing around with it.

I finished up with the second job and will return to my normal schedule tomorrow. As for posting, I really don’t know. I’m forecasting either a general recovery or a descent into chaos in early September. But really, you just never know.

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