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Nov 20 2003

Got email from Yahoo!, which remains committed to …

Got email from Yahoo!, which remains committed to displaying how it’s run by a bunch of asshats. Man, how that company has fallen. Remember when it was THE search engine and purveyor of all things cool on the Internet? Now we get this:

Dear Yahoo! Member,

Last year we announced changes that affect how we communicate with Yahoo! members about Yahoo!’s own products and services. However, we have not yet implemented those changes for all our registered members. Because of your previous account settings, Yahoo! has not yet sent you marketing communications under the new program. Before we do, we want to remind you how to set your preferences, and let you know what has changed and what is not changing. Starting January 1, 2004, Yahoo! will begin to send you messages, via email or postal mail, about our own products and services…

Gee, thanks.

In other news, I was on my way to trade in my old mattress for a new one when I saw that the special extended version of The Two Towers was on sale. Naturally I picked it up. I’ve heard good things about this edition, and as I was impressed at how much better the extended version of the Fellowship of the Ring was compared to the theatrical release, I am looking forward to seeing this one.

According to the Central Weather Bureau, we’re supposed to get all of our laundry-drying, sunning, and any other outdoor activities done before the first cold front of the year hits tomorrow. Air out those musty apartments, and don’t buy anything you don’t want to be smelling in a closed environment for the next couple of days. Like, say, a new mattress.

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