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May 02 2002

Usually when we get new employees, they’ll be para…

Usually when we get new employees, they’ll be paraded around and introduced to everyone. Today we’ve got a shitload of new people, more than I’ve ever seen coming in at the same time before, so a large mob is moving around our office today. They’re oohing and aahing at the pool table right now. I suppose they’ll come over here next…

Human Resources Drone: “…and here’s Poagao, who maintains a kooky website with ill-advised design. Look! He’s updating it right now! Watch him log in to Blogger and type away! Isn’t this facinating? Sometimes he even does a bit of work!”

*points and laughs derisively at my use of the word ‘derisively’*

Mob of New People: “Ooh. Aah.”

…ok, they’re gone now. Actually, it wasn’t so bad. One of them was actually quite cute. Our office is more interesting than most, so they’re probably getting a real kick out of seeing things like the boxing ring and Office Turtle.

One of the fish I bought to amuse Office Turtle is still alive, surprisingly. The other became prey literally minutes after I put it in the bowl. The other one, though, has been hiding under rocks and occasionally darting out to taunt Office Turtle. It’s like watching an episode of Tom and Jerry, although this iteration includes the possibility of Tom biting off Jerry’s head and leaving the corpse floating in the water until he’s hungry again. You know, the kind of stuff we Gen-Xers enjoyed as kids but which is all censored out in today’s cartoons.

The Oriented folks have gotten around to putting up all of the embarrassing photographs from the Happy Hours on their site. Check out the expressions on my and Dean’s faces when they told us how much our drinks cost. Title of this picture: “You want how much for this sub-standard beer?”

I got up this morning in time to hear the radio spot I did on ICRT. It sounded pretty good. They’re going to broadcast it again tonight at around 6:25pm, in case you feel like playing “Find the Broadcast Link” on their rather poorly-designed website.

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