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Oct 29 2002

Tonight should be my last night at the Chungking M…

Tonight should be my last night at the Chungking Mansions. I am doing double-duty at work for a few days to try and make up the time I lost in the hospital. I also lost about 6 kilos when I was there, but I don’t know when or if I want to get those back. I am feeling a bit better, though; that is to say, I’m actually feeling ok for little bits of time now and then, rather than just feeling sick all the time. It’s a waiting game, waiting until whatever this is is completely out of my system. Tonight will ideally be spent packing, and Steven the Mover should be around tomorrow to whisk me away, Calgon-like, to my new abode.

Last night I went out for a cautious dinner at Din Tai Fong with Maoman. I like DTF because it seems clean and the kitchen is clearly visible behind transparent walls. The prices could cheaper, but the food was good. Afterwards we went to Warner Village to see Red Dragon. The movie seemed incomplete to me, for some reason. Perhaps I didn’t pick up on some vital clue, but the ending left me confused and dissatisfied. It had its scary moments, though. The blind woman was great, and Edward Norton was nicely understated. Anthony Hopkins was excellent as usual. But what was with the “Zhong” character carved in the tree? What, the character for dragon, “Long” was too complicated? They could have at least done their homework on that point.

Some new developments on the book front. I don’t want to say exactly what they are because I don’t want to jinx it. Still, things might be looking up.

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