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Dec 13 2002

This week’s li’l video, weighing in at just 2.3Mb,…

This week’s li’l video, weighing in at just 2.3Mb, is meant to convey scooter madness! I took it from the pedestrian overpass just north of the train station tonight after going shopping at the hideously crowded Mitsukoshi Department Store for an element on which I hope to cook someday. I passed by the Japanese “Cute Elephant” model in favor of a Philips model that has little flashing red lights under it to give the impression that you are actually preparing your meal over a brake light you stole from someone’s car. I understand it also cooks things.

Lots of Christmas tunes these days, you hear them in stores here more and more these days. Used to be Christmas was barely heard of, much less observed in Taiwan, but then the News from on high was delivered by HBO, and one of the messages in the news was that Americans love Christmas, so those Taiwanese with any sense of fashion slavishness picked it up as well. Now we’ve got the music, the decorations, the trees, the fake snow, etc. Don’t have the seasonal cheer, though. Have to wait for Chinese New Year for that particular mood.

So it still doesn’t feel too much like Christmas, and listening to Christmas tunes in your cramped little apartment by yourself as you surf the net and write in your blog is just depressing.

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