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Apr 15 2002

The Vampire Song of the Day is one of the movement…

The Vampire Song of the Day is one of the movements from Beethoven’s symphony #3, I’m not sure which movement. It goes daa-dee-daa-dee-da-da-da-da..you know the one. But as much as I like Beethoven, I’m getting a bit tired of hearing that theme over and over again. Whoever invented the loop function should be forced to hear the same song over and over for the rest of their lives. That is, if they’re still alive. If they’re dead, well…good.

In a week this website will be one year old. Last year about this time I had simply wanted an online space to show my photography, and this weblog was just an afterthough spurred on by my friend Moose’s site. And a year and over 30,000 hits later, my photography page is still by far the most popular page, even if this is largely due to my inability to successfully block being listed on google’s image search requests.

I don’t know what I should do to celebrate the one-year mark. Any suggestions? I should do another edition of the News from the Renegade Province, I suppose. Three editions a year isn’t very good, I’m afraid. I would do a redesign if I had any faith at all in my design skillz, which I don’t. Besides, I like my design. The guys at Blog You! may think that my icons are too big and my design simplistic, but I like it, and it seems to work. I’m not the kind of guy who buys a new ride every year, anyway.

In other news, my friend Mindcrime indicated that he was returning to our fair island after a three-year-absence while he went off to pursue golden dot-com opportunities Cali. Hopefully this time he will choose a better place to live than Sanchung. That, I believe, was his biggest mistake the last time he was here.

And now? Off to Dean’s to watch some Futurama, Farscape and other Sci-fi delicacies only recently made available through illegal cable channels.

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