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Mar 17 2002

The bwg talking about this site, so I went there a…

The bwg talking about this site, so I went there and, amazingly enough, was able to come up with this sketch of myself. A pretty good likeness, I must say. Perhaps I should reconsider my plans for a life of crime.

I decided to skip sword practice tonight since my sword arm is feeling really sore. I think I pulled something when I was lifting weights yesterday, so I think I need to rest, and the rainy weather, while great news for the farmers affected by the recent droubt, isn’t the best for me tp ride all the way over to the Minsheng District anyway. I wish the classes were still on weeknights, so I could just go after work like I use to.

An acquaintance of mine has suggested that a reporter from the New York Times is interested in coming over here and interviewing me about the Damn Book. I don’t know how likely this is, but if so, they’re certainly welcome. Other than that, not a lot of hoopla about the article today, which is fine with me; all I really want to do today is stay in and enjoy the last few hours of my weekend.

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