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Sep 10 2002

Sure enough, the people at the clinic had a sneaki…

Sure enough, the people at the clinic had a sneaking suspicion that I had had two cake doughnuts the day before, and told me to “knock it off”. That was annoying, but apparently I’m still in basically the same shape I was in two years ago, except larger. No surprises really, which is always a good thing at a physical.

The weather today was beautiful, with a refreshing wind and mostly clear skies. It feels as if another typhoon is approaching, actually, with really clear light perfect for taking pictures in the late afternoon. It made me want to eschew the MRT system and ride my bike out to some scenic spot to watch the sunset, although it was too late for that when the thought struck me. I was waiting for the light to turn at the intersection of Dunhua South and Xinyi Roads. They were putting in new curbs for the bus lanes; I was etching my initials in the fresh concrete. Afterwards I went to United Mix, had a salad and refrained from an Oreo Shake, the doctors’ words still ringing in my ears. From now on it’s red wine only and less doughnuts for a slimmer, more compact Poagao to go with your modern life!

I think I stayed at the advertising company a little too long.

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