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Feb 08 2002

One of the many reasons I purchased the Star Trek:…

One of the many reasons I purchased the Star Trek: The Motion Picture DVD was to see this guy, whom I had a crush on, not in 1979 when the movie came out, but later, in the TV and videotape versions. I suspect that the actor’s name is Joshua Gallegos, and he is seen on the bridge several times. He has a station on the bridge but no lines, and I don’t think he was ever referred to by the major characters. He was just there, a walking drool promotion.

This is kind of a theme with me and movie characters, something that my friend Mindcrime often harrassed me over. I almost never find any of the main characters in movies attractive. If anyone catches my fancy it’s usually the dopey sidekick of some other peripheral character. I suppose this indicates that my standards of personal beauty are so bizarre that they are not shared by anyone, at least not anyone in Hollywood. Another example would be one of the completely lineless guys who rode up on a kid’s bicycle when Peoples Hernandez was being taken away in Shaft, and although I thought that Peoples was extremely foine, the guy on the kid’s bike had even him beat in my book.

Sorry, yesterday’s undressing-model experience was rather unsettling…just making sure I’m still a ‘mo.

So our Chinese New Year’s holiday has begun, and I have wasted an entire day already. My plan is to eventually become so bored with goofing off that I will have no choice but to do something productive. Hopefully the looming Book Expo will motivate me as well, but it feels not a little like I am back in school again with a due date for a report I have to write. I can still recall the feeling of waking up one morning and realizing some vital piece of homework was due that day, and that I had completely forgotten about. Ah, the memories!

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