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May 03 2002

Not only do we have Office Vampires, it seems we’v…

Not only do we have Office Vampires, it seems we’ve got Office Alien Monsters, too. I was typing away this morning, fighting a bit of a hangover from last night’s alcoholic-themed gathering at Saints and Sinners, when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to find a large person dressed in a rubber suit fashioned to resemble one of the cave-dwelling alien monsters from Star Trek. He grunted at me.

“You have got to be kidding me,” I said, rubbing my head. He grunted again and pointed at his sign, which indicated that the alien was in search of submissions for the 4-A Advertising Awards. “Your lungs are showing,” I said, pointing at a place where the costume didn’t quite come together. I guess he didn’t appreciate my candor because he rushed off before I could get a decent picture. All I got was this National Enquiresque shot. Here’s a shot of its encounter with an office worker who turned out to be a little less comfortable with the fellow.

It was Friday, so everyone was throwing work at me at the last moment. I managed to get out without doing too much unpaid overtime, and rode over to the KMT office where my friend and former college roomie Yao Fu-wen lives and works. He and another roomie, Yu Long-tong, aka Tong-a, were there waiting for me as they watched an NBA game on TV. Tong-a was taunting Fu-wen with today’s paper, which held the final score of the game on TV. We went out for dinner and talked of old times before Tong-a had to rush back to school, where he’s working on his PhD thesis, entitled: What the Hell Am I Going to Do In the Real World? Seriously, though, he plans to teach for a while before becoming president.

Fu-wen and I went back up to the office and had some fun looking up names in the KMT database. We found about 50 people with my name, admitted a rather common name here, and only one with the same name as Fu-wen. Then we looked up various political figures and found quite a few, including current president Chen Shui-bian. He joined the KMT in high school, it seems. Interesting stuff.

I was going to go see Spider-man with Boogie, but he’s got to go do TV spots in Kaohsiung and Hualian this weekend. We’ll probably see it some time next week. I’m looking forward to it.

This morning as I was getting on my motorcycle to go to work, the old guy who guards the door downstairs came up to me and started in on the whole “marry my daughter, or at least move in with her” thing. I had thought he had given up on that, but apparently recent publicity has brought the issue back to him. I told him I was happy alone, etc., but again, I’m not sure whether he caught my meaning. Another reason to move away from here, I guess.

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