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Jan 27 2002

My computer at home is acting estranged, like it’s…

My computer at home is acting estranged, like it’s never seen me before. It won’t even start for me anymore. I dunno, should I go straight to a divorce or should I try counciling first? Or maybe just finding the wininet.dll file and copying it back into my windows directory would help. Regardless, it’s being a pain. I haven’t been able to do any work on my book this weekend at all, and time is getting short. The weather is stuck in the “suck” position as well, so it’s not like I can go outside. I’m using Dean’s computer to write this.

Our office should be ready for us to begin work tomorrow morning. There was nothing for me to do on Friday, so I walked around the area after lunch and then waited in a Lotto line for several hours. I was muttering curses against the people who were going up to people in the front of the line and asking them to buy tickets for them. Of course, when I got to the head of the line, shortly before the stand closed, a couple of my co-workers came up and asked me to buy tickets for them. So I had to put on a show of being really annoyed with them for having the gall to ask the people behind me to wait that much longer to buy tickets. I know, I’m such a hypocrite. At least I’m not in denial. And no, I didn’t win the lottery. I’d be writing to you from an Internet Pub somewhere in London if I had.

I’m glad that some of my favorite sites, like Shauna, Blog You! and Davezilla have been nominated for this year’s Bloggies, but I just can’t force myself to take these award things very seriously. I suppose I would find it within my heart to do so if anyone had nominated me, but I do enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about what my readers think of me, since there’s only a handful of you, and I think I could take you.

Friday night Dean, Carl and I went out to the “Ren-jian” restaurant on Dunhua S. Road. After the meal we started drinking wine and actually exhausted the restaurant’s supply of Merlot during the next several hours. I don’t remember much of the conversation except that Carl thinks me rather reptillian, and Dean doesn’t like hats in restaurants. Or I could have dreamed that. I do know that we left the restaurant and walked down the sidewalk singing everything from Gilbert and Sullivan to Rodgers and Hammerstein. Unfortunately I was so drunk I couldn’t dredge up many of the words to “Your Majesty” from The King and I.

Saturday night Graham had a housewarming party at the 70’s Airport Love Palace, which is looking quite spiffy, with actual fish in the fishtanks and new wallpaper covering up the mold leftover from the most recent floods. I remarked to Carl that we had the unique opportunity to give the entire staff of the Taipei Times food poisoning. “Don’t you love the things TC says?” was Carl’s reply.

This morning consisted of brunch at Jake’s. Star Trek tonight, and lots of money for taxis. I was getting withdrawal symptoms from not being able to get online, which is actually really pathetic. Yesterday, I actually watched a videotape out of sheer desperation. A videotape!

Dean is signaling his desire to return to the world of PC gaming by ironing Evil Cat, so I’ll have to stop now. That cat could use a good ironing, actually.

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