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Dec 23 2002

Lots of slamming going on at Triggerstreet these d…

Lots of slamming going on at Triggerstreet these days. Today, the day after I wrote a rather negative review of a guy’s film, called “The Veteran”, he dragged my film over the coals in none-too-subtle revenge: “Some people try to deliver a message or at least a story with film, apparnetly[sic] Poagao doesn’t feel compelled to do either. The only thing worse than a critic is one who is stuck in film school hell. Poagao needs to learn that if you live in a glass house you should not cast so many stones. Even with the absence of dialogue, the acting was robotic. The hand gestures and shoulder shrugs were a parody of a bad mime. I am going to give this a consider however, because an Arri-S is a good camera”

Whoa. Sorry for slagging yer film there, Tex. Nice shootin’, by the way. I completely agree about the acting comments. But something tells me that I could have had The Two Towers up there and he still would have given it a bad review, just for revenge. But you know what? It doesn’t matter, because both of our films suck. Most of the films on the site suck. If you don’t believe me, go check them out for yourselves. I did see one today, however, that I really liked. It is called “Goodbye, Mr. Feingold” and was done by Rolltwenty Films. I really like the work that these guys do, and they shoot on a Canon XL1. I hope I can start producing stuff of similar quality in the not-too-far future. Some of the reviews even hinted at some kind of Triggerstreet mafia that shoots down the films of people they think may endanger their top-ten spots: “Another victim of the assault on comedy: This film, like many other comedies, reared it’s head above the radar of the top ten guardians and the patriot missiles were unleashed. It’s unfortunate that a small, self ordained group of centuries can control the top ten by unfair slamming…” one review said of “Feingold”. Hmm…

Anyway, speaking of things cinematic, I put up a new video clip today. This is just a sweep through the restaurant part of the hot springs complex we drove up to Saturday night. Harry‘s the guy in red staring at the camera and saying “What’s up?” in Chinese. I have another clip of just Harry making stupid faces at the camera. He probably wouldn’t like me to post it, so just say the word.

On my way home from work today I passed by an old military dependents’ village that had recently been torn down, leaving only rubble behind a series of empty doorways along the road. You’d think they’d at least finish the job once they started, but there’s actually a suprising number of halfway torn-down houses and apartments hidden in the various nooks and crannies of this city, many of them still occupied. Talk about waiting until the last minute.

Once I got home the Yuanji Dance Women had started up, so I got out my sword and went up to the roof to practice my forms. A nicely isolated place, our rooftop. Nobody ever goes up there, but the view is quite nice. I took some pictures of it and then, to experiment, took some of myself as I practiced. One of them came out quite nicely so I made a new banner for my About page. I (heart) digital cameras. I also got another Mirror Project picture up. It’s a van, in case you couldn’t tell.

My cooking skills are still progressing. Tonight I dined on not only chicken but spaghetti as well. I think I might even dare take a stab at a vegetable soon, frightening though it may seem.

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