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Oct 10 2002

It’s raining outside. Has been all day. Misty, dri…

It’s raining outside. Has been all day. Misty, drizzly, typical winter. It’s refreshing now, but wait until about January and I’ll be moaning about it.

XP is ok so far. Points for stability and general just working, but the lack of a way to get rid of MSN messenger and ‘reminders’ about .net are irking me to no end. I’ve managed to install things with little or no problems, though, so I think I’ll keep on using it, at least until the Microsoft commandos parasail into my living room and force me to make out large checks and a document signing my life over to Bill Gates. Then I might consider switching.

Another of my turtles died. Now there’s only one left, the hardiest of the three. I should probably stick with plants. Pets and me just don’t seem to mix too well.

I keep thinking it’s the weekend because it’s Double-Ten Day and everyone was off. Last night I met up with the usual suspects at Buca Buca where wine was drunk and Chicken Pot Pie derided, after which I made my way over to Watersheds to witness Maoman’s girl Vanessa’s birthday bash, which featured a very drunk Alien and many other interesting characters, mostly from Canada as luck would have it. The quantity as well as the quality of the wine I drank made getting up this morning a bit of a pain, but I still managed to meet Berta and Graham at United Mix where we all complimented each others’ hangovers over eggs and burgers. Then it was off to Eslite to drool over Macs and to Fnac to purchase the Spider-man DVD….

Ah, to hell with it. This blog has become a suppository of grocery lists and dinner dates, and you probably enjoy reading about this kind of thing even less than I enjoy writing it. I’ll let you know when something interesting happens, how’s that?

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