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Aug 19 2002

It took Stephen the Mover and his two helpers abou…

It took Stephen the Mover and his two helpers about half an hour to move all of the boxes and other detrius from my old place to my new one, using only one of their three little blue trucks. To my knowledge, nothing was broken, and the cost of the move was exactly the difference between my old rent and my new rent. In other words, it went well. I didn’t sleep at the Chungking Mansions because yesterday was listed as a “Don’t Move” day according to the Chinese almanac, and also the A/C hasn’t been installed yet. I have to go pick up the last few things from my old place and hand over the keys to the whiny NTU girl who is moving in. My roommates are all set to start cringing at the sound of her false-childlike voice complaining about how I didn’t leave the room clean enough, etc.

The new place is actually nice and quiet, a decent size, and sunny. A bit of cooking smoke crept in yesterday as I was moving, but hopefully with the help of the air conditioner and perhaps a seperate air filter, that should be easy to deal with. I also need to buy some lysol, clorox and several dozen roach motels. The turtles and their bowl are on the grating outside the window along with two of my lesser plants. The place is littered with girly pink pillows and half-empty bottles of nail coloring. Ugh. The place has promise, though, and it is nice being so close to an MTR station, with basically a sheltered walkway leading to it. I think I can make it a livable abode, as long as there’s conditioned air available. I don’t know what the status of the broadband access is there, so I am doing everything from work for now.

Is there an end to the Funk of all Funks in sight? Perhaps. Stay tuned.

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