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Jan 07 2002

I’m getting really sick of various women with webc…

I’m getting really sick of various women with webcams sending me ICQ messages. I replied to one today, asking her “Aren’t you afraid that someone will work out where you live and then come to your house and gut you live on your own webcam?” But all I got in reply was several more messages from women with webcams. Really, ladies, you’re just encouraging all of the psychopaths out there, so don’t come complaining to me when hordes of raving lunatics break into your house and string you up for their own nefarious purposes.

Speaking of nefarious purposes, I went to the dentist this evening. My teeth needed cleaning, so I thought I would take advantage of the new dental clinic just opened up downstairs. It went pretty well, no cavities or anything major, but the assistant was inordinately clueless. The dentist kept having to tell her what to do. “No, I don’t need suction right now. Gimme that thing over there,” he would tell her. “No, that ray-gun thingy in the corner. Yeah.” It was a bit frightening, and I was glad all he was doing was cleaning my teeth. If I have any real problems I don’t think I’ll be going back there. At least the assistant didn’t have atrocious breath, like the last place I went to, down on Heping E. Road. Surely it’s a bad sign when the dental assistant doesn’t even brush her teeth.

Our server was down most of today, so I spent most of my time trying to stay awake. Typical hateful, “Why am I here” sort of Monday. I’ve been feeling rather desperate and lost lately. Maybe I need to go visit a temple. If not a Buddhist temple, a Daoist temple. Something in the mountains, with forests, running streams, ghost money, wafting incense, extravantly attired statues and old people doing the boa-boe thing on the concrete floor.

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