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Jun 19 2002

I pretty much wasted the first day of my vacation….

I pretty much wasted the first day of my vacation. Slept in, got up around noon to see a huge wall of black moving in over the city, lightning sparking every few minutes. I was expecting a huge downpour, but the clouds just kept going, and no rain was forthcoming, so I went out for lunch and a trip to the library across the park. Berta called and we arranged to meet at 7:30 to go look at posters at the French poster place nearby. She was late, so I sat around taking pictures of trees in the park until she arrived.

Kirk joined us at the poster place, as Berta had expressed a desire to meet Kirk and learn some clever Chinese insults from him. We went to little hole-in-the-wall Yun-nan bar/restaurant where the walls were lined with old LP’s. For some reason, the mirror in the bathroom was lined with dirty pink fur. At least I hope it was fur. I suppose it could have been some exotic fungus that was on the verge of sentience.

We chatted and picked at our chicken dishes while listening to old Chinese salsa favorites, and afterwards we went to 7-Eleven so I could buy Berta a drink for guessing what TC stands for. It’s the first prize I’ve had to pay out….perhaps I should rethink this whole prize thing.

Tomorrow morning Kirk and I are going to board a plane at the Songshan Airport, fly to Taidong, switch to a much smaller plane, and then fly out to Green Island. There we were hang out for three days, coming back to Taipei on Saturday. And in the rush I’ve forgotten to arrange a guest blogger, so you’re just going to have to deal without daily posts for a few days. Sorry. I’ll try to do interesting stuff and take strange pictures while I’m there. Honestly, the things I do for you people.

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